2016-2017 Projects

For the 201-2017 school year, the Foundation is proud to support the following projects:

  • We are proud to be implementing a Teacher Grant program that will give teachers an opportunity to apply for grants to fund tools that they can utilize in their classrooms to enhance the learning experience for our children.
  • Continue to supplement 40% of the salary for a Media Center Parapro, which enables the Media Center to have two full-time employees available to serve the students and faculty at Pope.
  • We will continue to fund the salary of a part-time Testing Support employee.
  • Purchase roll-up windows for the new textbook room. The new room with this feature will allow for more students to be serviced simultaneously.
  • Purchase new region team windscreens due to our move to Region 7-AAAAAA.
  • Purchase a new sweeper for the turf in the stadium. This is used weekly to clean debris from the turf field, and is vital to ensuring the field is maintained and in good/safe condition.
  • Purchase some new weight room equipment to add to existing equipment in our new, larger weight room.
  • Purchase covers for the gym floor to be used during assemblies and testing. The current cover that we have been using does not cover the floor completely to protect it, and it poses a tripping hazard due to the fact that it is not made for this purpose.